Technology Infrastructure Solutions

For every telecom operator, the path to increased revenues and improved profitability involves going deeper and going wider - deeper in service value delivered to its customer base, and wider in geography and customer base.

In the latter approach, an important part of establishing a solid presence in a new territory involves acquiring bandwidth at a viable rate, most often from existing license holders in the region. This is easier said than done, however, with established relationships and partnerships playing their role in the competitive telecom marketplace.

This is where Gi-Comms’ extensive network of partnerships with telecom operators around the world comes into play, with our Wholesale Voice services helping to bridge the gap between your telecom enterprise and potential partners in your new geography.

With Gi-Comms acting as the interface between you and your new partner, reaching out to a new territory is seamless manner, and the entire bandwidth ecosystem is highly efficient and streamlined.

So get in touch with us to discuss your next territory expansion plans, and benefit from Gi-Comms’ expertise as you widen your reach.
Every growing player in the competitive telecom marketplace has experienced the difficulty of growing from being a well-established small company to steeply scaling up operations to compete with the established names in the industry.

Probably the biggest barrier to a large scale up is finance, and specifically capital expenditure into infrastructure investments. The telecom industry is known for its ability to drain finances, with a continuous need to create and upgrade high tech infrastructure.

Gi-Comms comes to the rescue with its Managed Voice services, that help smaller telecom companies convert their capital-intensive cap-ex into well defined and scalable op-ex.

Hosting is crucial for every businesses that require internet. From hosting of websites, to hosting of telephony infrastructure.

Server & Cloud Infrastructure hosting is the latest addition to the Gicomms solutions. We thrive to constantly upgrade ourselves to keep up with market trends, as well as constantly keeping our price affordable to thank all our clients for your support over the years!

Gone are the days where you have to physically maintain and make sure that your hosting solutions i up to date. Traditional hosting is also more expensive and static as compared to cloud. With the implementation of cloud hosting, you gain the flexibility and affordability to scale up and down your business accordingly. Don't worry about the technical part, we are here to assist you along the way!

So, be sure to get in touch with us to sign up for all your hosting needs!