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For most enterprises with large numbers of clients, keeping in touch with the client base and ensuring the effective dissemination of communication is often an area of difficulty where consistent engagement and timely information delivery are often compromised on.

Another area of difficulty is in ensuring effective reach to customers using data-dependent modes of communication such as email or apps, given the fact that internet connectivity is not always 100% dependable.

Enter Gi-Comms’ SMS and Voice Broadcast services that enable reliable engagement with your customers with high-availability, universal communications.

Engage your customers through universally available SMS with no dependency on data networks, for direct and instant communication and a superior customer experience. What’s more, with local SMS available in 100 countries, Gi-Comms enables truly global communications with a localised flavour - all this in a secure and confidential technology set up.

Voice Broadcast campaigns enable you to engage reliably and deliver high ROI, besides ensuring deeper engagement with customers than text-based communications. And features such as capture of recordings and metadata from every call help to measure and improve your marketing campaigns and generate better leads

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Even in today’s global village, the credibility of a company continues to depend heavily on its ability to project a local presence close to its customers. This proves to be a difficult challenge to overcome, especially for soho businesses, start-ups and SMBs with limited global reach and small budgets.

But considering the importance of developing new markets for any business, the need to find a solution to this problem becomes a pressing one.

This is exactly what Gi-Comms’ Mobile Office solution aims to deliver, by helping to equip small businesses with local telephone numbers in their regions of operation. With its extensive network, Gi-Comms maps local numbers for each region to your existing phone number in your base location.

As a result, any business can now register a local number in the countries where they operate, call their customers from a local number and receive calls on the same number, all mapped by Gi-Comms to their own original phone number.

What’s more, Gi-Comms’ IP based telephony services help to increase engagement and improve customer experience with enhancements such as click-to-call, IVR, call recording and transcription, call routing, and more.

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The future is here, and it’s here to stay. The emergence of robots as a credible alternative to humans in many industries and fields of research has now reached a stage of maturity, from which the next stage of rapid evolution and development appears set to begin.

What’s more, today’s robots don’t just execute - they communicate too, and in fact a significant part of their utility comes from their two-way communication abilities to streamline activities. With many processes now depending heavily on the presence of robots for their execution, we have arrived at a stage where a loss of communications with a robot can have serious negative consequences.

Interestingly, however, while most robots are equipped with wifi based connectivity, SIM-based connectivity is not so prevalent. And though wifi offers the advantages of speed and convenience, it is also recognised to be considerably less reliable than SIM-based communications. A back-up mode of connectivity to wifi enabled robots to ensure stable communications at all times is therefore an important requirement.

Gi-Comms’ Robotics services focus on equipping robots with SIM-based connectivity, so that in the event of a failure of wifi communication, or in applications where large ranges are involved where wifi cannot provide effective coverage, a stand by option is available.

In fact, in many cases Gi-Comms’ highly reliable 4G or 5G SIM card-based connectivity can even serve as the primary means of communication for many applications. With our trusted expertise in telecom, Gi-Comms’ solutions in robotics ensure reliable, always-on operations for robots used in mission-critical applications.

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Given the depth of technological expertise and business value delivered by each of Gi-Comms’ solutions, these services often form an important component of our customers’ business and communication strategies.

With this being the case, ensuring the effective utilisation of this important resource becomes a significant factor in ensuring business efficiency. Gi-Comms’ Mobile App Development services cater to exactly such requirements, delivering custom developed apps to maximise the value our customers can gain from our telecom solutions.

With typical applications including usage monitoring and reporting, push notifications and alerts, subscriptions and renewals, user management and support requests, a custom app from Gi-Comms serves as your single dashboard to control your entire telecommunication operations.

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The Internet of Things, or IoT, has revolutionised the way we live and work, through connectivity between what used to be discrete pieces of equipment. Enabling tools and gadgets to communicate with each other has the capability to deliver greatly improved efficiency at the workplace and the improvement of the quality of life at home.

Giving rise to the concepts of smart homes, smart workplaces, smart cities and smart nations, at the core of every IoT initiative is a communication backbone. This is where Gi-Comms’ IoT Solutions come into play, providing seamless, reliable connectivity between individual equipment, enabling them to function in tandem as part of an interconnected network.

Gi-Comms’ IoT capabilities span a range of industries - manufacturing, commercial, hospitality, residential, and a special focus on medical IoT. With functionality ranging from centralised control of household appliances, to interlinked equipment at manufacturing facilities for a more efficient production line, to connected medical equipment across different specialisations for more effective healthcare, our IoT solutions truly help to enrich life.

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The world is moving rapidly from analog to digital in every sphere, and telephony is no different. Traditional PSTN phone lines are being replaced by IP-based connectivity, allowing businesses to use internet connectivity for their phone calls.

The benefits of SIP Trunking are many, primary among them being substantially lower cost - both for monthly infrastructure fees and call charges. But that’s not all - SIP Trunking is also delivers tremendous flexibility in terms of scalability and location portability. This modern technology also delivers very high levels of reliability through redundancy.

At Gi-Comms, our SIP Trunk Solutions are among our core telecom solutions, delivered to customers across a range of geographies as well as verticals, for their business telephony needs. Our world-class infrastructure, dedicated customer service and highly customised solutions help us to deliver tremendous value to our customers.

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